Currently PhD candidate in Performative Arts at University of Lisbon

Graduate of Architecture, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and Human Studies, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile


2020  Grant “Fondart Nacional – Línea de circulación internacional” of the Ministry of Culture.

2019  Scholarship BECAS CHILE for PhD Programme 2020.

2019  Research fund 2019-2020 UDLA Research Unit.

2018  Funding VcM UDLA for the project “Traslaciones Sonoras”

2017  Residence/Internship Grant Haceria Arteak Bilbao, Spain

2017  Funding CNCA Culture and Arts National Council for artistic residence.

2017  Research fund 2017-2018 UDLA

2016   Soundspace project. Competition for the Sound and Disciplinary Crosses exhibition at Contemporary Museum of Santiago. 

2015  National Competition “Biological Corridor”, Santiago, Chile. 3rd place

2011  Final Project in landscape architecture “Acoustic Border” Umbrales Exhibition.

2007  Landscape Architecture Competition. Municipality of La Pintana. 1st Place


2021  Add+Art Conference

2020  Performance “Resonant Spaces” at the 4th International Congress on Ambiances, Alloaesthesia: Senses, Inventions

2020  Performance “Resonant Spaces” at the 7th Biennial, Yale Graduate Music Symposium, Yale University, New Haven, US. (Sofía Balbontín & Mathias Klenner)

2019  Estrategias Oblicuas Conference Museo del Sonido, Santiago, Chile.

2019  X Formas Conference XXI Biennal Architecture and Urbanism, Santiago, Chile.

2019-2020  “Sound emitted by physical space and invisible spaces built by sound: An observation of the body and its cognitive access to the sound space” Research funded by UDLA.

2018  “Traslaciones Sonoras” Conference for “We are All Able Bodies: From Sensory Deprivation to Sensory Augmentation”, at San Pablo CEU Univeristy, Campus Montepríncipe, Madrid/ Spain

2018  “Transformations in the use and perception of the public space of a modern residential complex: Unidad Vecinal Providencia» Conference for DOCOMOMO Seminar at Universidad Austral de Chile.

2017-2018  “Soundscape and the Reconstruction of Environments Devastated by Catastrophes”Research funded by UDLA

2017  «Sound & Space» Conference at UNICAL – Universita della Calabria, Rende, Italia.

2017  «Urban Alternative Practices» Conference at UNICAL – Universita della Calabria, Rende, Italia.

2017  Internship at CRESSON - Research Center on the Sound Space and the Urban Environment. Grenoble, France.

2017  Internship at CRENAU - The Nantes Research Center Architectures Urbanities. Nantes, France.

2014-2015  “Design and definition of a Taxonomy of Infrastructure and Cultural Spaces of Chile” Research for the Culture and Arts National Council. Team: S. Balbontín (Architect), D. Balbontín (Architect), M. Fernandez (Anthropologist).