A Walking Methodology as the Participatory Tool for a University Master Plan Design

publicaciones / arquitectura

Karen Andersen & Sofía Balbontín, 2021

Article published in Book Experiential Walks for Urban Design Revealing, Representing, and Activating the Sensory Environment by Springer

This paper presents the results of a study carried out on a university campus, which deployed the “commented walks” method to analyze the use and value of the campus open spaces. This method is applied as part of a citizen participation process, incorporating the walking method as a way of having a natural view of the space. The surroundings are toured, and from the collective in situ perception, it is given significance and value. Our objective is to enrich theoretic and practical elaborations of urban planning around citizen participation in developing an urban diagnosis. This article concludes the benefits and limits of research in movement methodology carried out within the design framework of a University Campus Master Plan in Punta Arenas, Chile.

Keywords: Citizen participation, Walking methodology, University campus