The Sound created by Space and the Space created by Sound

publicaciones / arte sonoro

Sofía Balbontín & Mathias Klenner, 2020

Article published in the Book of 4th International Congress on Ambiances, Alloaesthesia: Senses, Inventions

From the interaction between sound and space, the dimension of soundspace emerges. This research project and its series of artworks focuses on the æsthetic, and social aspects of soundspace as a means to create alternative and subjective narratives, to re-signify and reconstruct the memory of space and the architecture that sustains it. The paper revise the concepts of space and sound in architecture, social sciences and Sonic arts of the 20th century, trying to create a link between these diverse practices and theories. Understanding that a major shift in all this disciplines occurred when sound and space coalesce. “Resonant Spaces” takes this tradition an applies to a series of art pieces.

Keywords. Soundspace, Architecture, Performance, Critical Spatial Practice